Kimberly Cannady

I am a writer, photographer, and dreamer.

My dream is to travel the world, with my daughter, capturing the beauty in the everyday life.  The water is my calm, whether it is the ocean, rain, or a shower. It moves my creative blocks.

Nature is my home, where I feel most at peace. It is the only place that stills my mind.  I write what’s in my spirit and photograph what moves my heart. I share what’s important to me in that moment.

Photography is the reflection of the words I cannot speak.

Some of you may read my other blog, Della and Me, where I share my life as Della’s mom.  She is my heart, my free spirit, my inner child materialized in this world. She is the reason I keep dreaming. I want to show her the world I never experienced growing up.

You can check out Della’s life @ or on her Instagram @Della and Me.