Are You Living for You?

Are you living for you or are you living for your family and friends?  Are you making decisions about your life or are you allowing others to tell you what you should do?  Does your happiness come from you being your authentic self or from pleasing others?

When you live for yourself, you make the choices best for you.  Your life dreams and goals are centered around what will make you happy.  You don’t allow others  to live their life through you. You realize not everyone will see your dream, celebrate you triumphs, or support your walk.  Some may even celebrate your failures.

At some point, most people have made decisions because they  believed it would make others happy.  In the end, we end up unhappy, unfulfilled, or regretful.  As time passes, one realizes you can’t please everyone, you can’t live your life for someone else, and their approval is not worth more than your happiness.

You are the only person who can live your life.  Your walk and journey is meant for you and no one else.  You are in this life for a short time.  Make that time your time.  Make it magical, make it meaningful, make it adventurous, but most of all make it yours.

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