Beauty Marks by Justice

A couple of days ago, I was sent a link for Justice’s new song “Beauty Marks”.  I must say I really surprised when I listened to it. I love the simplicity of the song and video.  I can picture myself listening to it while just relaxing at the beach, chilling at the pool, or home in my sunroom.  It’s  like a sweet song that a man would play for his woman when she is feeling down or insecure about herself.   

I am really impressed with how Justice is evolving with his music.  It is refreshing to hear music without the degrading of women and men.  Justice also has a new mix tape,” Beautiful Mess”, that you can download from under the name Just Justice.  You can also check out his Facebook page, Just Justice. 

As I have said before, I am all about supporting up and coming positive artists.  I believe, with our support, Justice will make a huge mark on the music industry.

Check out the video for “Beauty Marks”

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