Celebrating My Mistakes – A Chance to Get it Right on the Next Take

Mistakes are just a chance for you to get it right on the next take.  Lately I’ve been feeling like the only thing I’ve been accomplishing is making mistakes. No matter how hard I try or put for the effort it seems nothing is working out the way I want.

Starting my own business was and is a big step outside my comfort zone. Even though I wasn’t happy in my former career, I was comfortable doing it. Being comfortable didn’t help me grow. I wasn’t learning anything new, meeting new people, or making huge mistakes that helped me look at my work in a different way. I was just doing it.

With this new path, I am finding I’m making so many mistakes and it’s causes me to have fear, anxiety, and some sleepless nights. But you know what, it’s what I need. It may not be what I asked for, but it’s what’s going to help me grow, stretch, and learn. This path I’m on is helping me become a better version of my self that is needed to succeed in the world in which I want to create.

So, with each mistake, I celebrate. Because it means I did accomplish something. I put myself out there; I tried something new. I looked at things from a different perspective, and even though it may not have worked out, I learned what not to do next time. I am becoming more confident in myself and my abilities. Yes, the fear, anxiety, and sleepless nights will continue as I grow and stretch, but that means I’m doing something that’s pushing me to become more. Pushing me to grow. And that is worth celebrating.

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