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I am a lover of books and I love reading books by up and coming authors. Imagine my surprise when I found out one of my co-workers wrote a book. His name is Quincy Lucas.  And because I am a big supporter of people following their dreams,  I immediately went to Amazon and downloaded the eBook.

The title of the book is “Clout” and it’s a short read.  This book is different from most books I’ve read because it is written as a play. To be honest, it kind of threw me off in the beginning because I am used to novels. The setting, for the book, is the music industry.  The lead, Adrian “Hits” Barrow, is a former MC turned “hero”.  Right off, one of the characters is murdered by someone he thought he could trust. Adrian is hired to find the bad guy but he has a story of his own, which leaves the reader wondering, is he really a good guy.

The book starts off kind of slow.  The dialogue, between the characters, is short and the reader doesn’t see much development of the characters until the end. As the story develops and the protagonist is introduced, the reader gets a better understanding of what the book is really about.  I wish the author would have given more background on the characters, closer to the beginning,  to draw the reader in more.  The writing style is confusing at first, but I really enjoyed the story.  Check out my interview with Quincy Lucas below.

Quincy Lucas – Author of “Clout”

1. Who is Quincy Lucas?
 I am the product of a 16-year-old mother and absentee father.  I was born in Wilson NC to a very humble beginning.  My mother moved away around my 12th birthday, due to crack addiction, and my grandmother Ollie Mae Rhice took control of raising me until she died.  I was 18 when she passed in 1994.  Due to my mother’s addiction and a few other tidbits, I was picked on quite heavenly; the neighborhood joke if you will.  See, back then drugs weren’t the cool thing they are now.   Back then, you were strange or an outcast if you or your family partook in dope.  I went through a series of events regarding bullying until I turned 16, then I received my first working gun.  The first gun I received came from my great-grandmother, Esther Rhice, a 22 revolver.  It was so old, the gun pin crumbled into dust.  To round this up, because I could go on, I try to be humble, loyal, and calculating, if the situation calls for it.
2. When did you begin writing?
I began writing in college 1995…Saint Augustine’s College, while I was taking  a creative writing course.
3. What or who inspired your book “Clout”?
 Clout was inspired by my love for hip-hop and my life.  I don’t have many friends; I consider hip hop my friend.  It has truly given me solace. As a kid growing up, with what I consider the bullsh*t,  hip hop was the proper lifeline for me because certain artists expressed the same viewpoint and sentiment that I had about a lot of things.  I felt like it was made specifically for me. I know that’s a little narcissistic, sorry , but that’s how I felt and feel.  And so, when I’ve been through some of the things that rappers talk about,and someone gets exposed for telling a lie, it upsets me because people out here really have it hard.  So I decided to infuse some of my life in with the music world and see what would happen if a certified rapper slash hitman, if you will, began to sort of regulate the rap game. Oh, by the way, he kills people as well as he helps them.  A nice way to balance out his hero complex.
4. Why did you write the book as a play and not a novel.
 It was originally written as a teleplay. It was a pilot for a  TV series which Starz vetted, for around 2 months. I got hooked up with a guy named Ken, who turned his screenplay (full length movie) into an E-book or E-Script. He sold quite a few this way. He suggested I do the same, since Starz passed on it.  Oh, it’s quite funny how we now have Empire and Power, but no worries, as my work went out in 2013 and is copy written. Also, this is as series, just like a TV series would be and the next installment should be up soon.
5. The music industry is used as the setting for your book.  What does it represent to you?
 I used the music Industry, specifically hip hop,  because it’s sexy and it reminds me of all the throat cutters in the street. Since I can relate to both, and they are so relatable in real life, it just made sense. Also, hip hop is a music of struggle, the have not’s, the dope addicts,  and the outcast. This is what this is about.  This serves to “put something on your mind to think about”, not just rap, cars, and girls.  It’s a character study.
6. Is your protagonist based off anyone in real life?
My step pop Eugene Smith. He taught me how to look after myself.
7. What are you working on next?
The next installment to Clout and a new title called “Rules Among Men”, fiction.
It was great to sit down and talk to this up and coming writer. I support anyone who decides to follow their dreams. I look forward to reading the next installment. If you are interested in a short read, download Clout on Amazon.
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