Goodbye Cheese – I will miss you

I am finally saying goodbye to cheese. The thing is I love cheese. I love the taste, smell, and feel of cheese. I love it on pizza, eggs, mac and cheese, and cheesy pastas.  Oh hell, I love cheese but my allergies and sinuses don’t.

For the past year, whenever I eat cheese, I’ve have not so good reactions. It use to be it would just make my sinuses drain or clog. Then it turned into a itchy throat and a cough. Now, I throw up for days and have so much sinus pressure from the mucus I can barely stand to sit up. Last week I had pizza and later that night I was throwing up so much even after I finished my stomach was still contracting (It was like morning sickness all over again). My daughter came running in the bathing asking did I need to go to the doctor. Honestly, it felt like I did, but me being stubborn, I didn’t. Seeing the look on her face, and the pain in my stomach, let me know it was time to give up cheese. Also, since I already have year round allergies, from nature trying to kill me,  and have to take allergy meds everyday, I don’t to have to keep dealing with this too.

I know there are vegan options and I would love to find a good one without spending a lot of money going through the bad ones. So if anyone has any suggestions on vegan options, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

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