Live Life through Inspiration not Desperation

Living life through inspiration is all about following your instincts and the things that make you happy.  Sometimes we get all caught up in our fears, not having the money to pay bills, what other’s think, or just negative thoughts, that we do things out of desperation.  We take jobs that we don’t want only to become sub par employees who complain and feel trapped in a company.  We listen to friends who claim to have our best interests in mind, only to end up wondering how we became and still are friends. Or, we get caught up in the negative thinking of we are not good enough and will never live out our dream life.

Stop thinking this!  This is the thinking that leads to unfulfilled dreams.  Instead, focus on the things that make you happy.  Focus on the things that are going right in your life, even if it’s only one small thing.  Let it be the spark that causes more sparks and then ignites into the flame of passion. By focusing on the things that make us happy, it will inspire more happy thoughts, experiences, and attract more of what we really want in our lives.   While we are experiencing more of  the days, things, and people who make us happy, we are experiencing less of the things that make us unhappy or throw us into the desperation mode.  And, as the days go by, we will begin to realize, we are living out our dreams and life isn’t as bad as we once thought.


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