Remember to Take Care of Self

Sometimes, we get so caught up in taking care of others, we forget to take care of ourselves.  You are the most important person in your life.  Even if you have a family, put your health and well being as a top priority.  You can’t  take care of everyone else and treat yourself like crap.  If you have a family, you definitely have to make sure you take care of your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health or you will be of no use to anyone.

So don’t be afraid to say no, you need some alone time, or just shut the world out. You deserve it.  So take that walk, stay in bed all day, go to the beach, or play that video game. Just take care of you.


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  1. vincentcarlos
    vincentcarlos says:

    I agree 100% It’s like Sun Tzu says in the book “The art of war.” he says, “over solicitude for his men exposes him to worry and trouble,” meaning overly putting others before ourselves will have negative affects on you as an individual


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