The Comforter

Can I fall asleep in your arms tonight

Can I cuddle up next to you and inhale the scent of you

As I shiver from your intimate touch while you run your fingers down my spine

Gently caressing my behind as your lips lightly brush against mine

And sparks a fire the increases my desire

Can I melt into your strong ebony arms as the heat from your body keeps me warm

I want to feel the rhythm of your heart beat against mine like a Bantu drum

While our thighs intertwine in a sensual dance ,the weight of your body crushing mine

I hold onto you like a lifeline

The sounds of our moans fill the air like a sweet love song

Drawing us deeper into a spiritual trance

Taking us to another place that transcends time and space

As we explore this fantasy ride, the pressure building up inside

And as the heavens and stars explode and we descend back to other side

Safe and warm in our bed, against your chest I lay my head

When I finally look into your eyes and see the love inside

I just have one last thing to ask

Can I fall asleep in your arms tonight

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