Why Can’t I Just Start a New Book

Since I’ve been out of work my anxiety has been in overload and my motivation has been stuck in park. Usually I write poetry or blog posts, or take pics to motivate me. My dream is to be a travel photographer and blogger. Even though I have turned my life upside down and went all out to make my dreams come true, nothing has materialized.

One of the things that helps take my mind off the world is reading. In the last two months, I’ve read over 30 books. I usually average about 2 to 3 books a week. One thing I’ve noticed is my taste in books have changed. I usually go for romance novels but that hasn’t been satisfying me, so I switched to fantasy and mystery. Mostly books on angels and demons or assassins. When I tell you this has opened up a whole new way of enjoying books for me, man…let me tell ya. Now, I watch a lot of movies and tv shows on the subjects that’s why I gravitate to romance with books. But, reading the books allow me to immerse myself in the world and get more enjoyment out of it.

I know you are wondering where I am going with this and I’m about to tell you. I asked myself, why can’t I treat my life like a book? Why can’t I treat my interests like the books I read? Maybe I’m too focused on the things I’ve always liked and gravitated towards. Maybe it’s time to pick a new interest (book) and see where it takes me. Or just, look at a different genre, like romance with assassins…lol. Yea, I know it may sound crazy, but you know what I’m getting at. Photography will always be my number one love, but maybe I need to explore something else besides nature photography. Maybe it’s time to try a new book. OR, just maybe I’ll start writing the fantasy book I’ve been reading in my head.

Is it time for you to start a new book? Tell me about it.


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  1. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    I am happy to read your posts. I came here because of your review of Prince’s photographer book of glorious prints.

    I just packed up my life and moved from Washinbton, DC to Wilmington NC to care for a sick family member. I lived in DC for 50 years and now I am writing my new chapter. I’ve started my journal again. I’m very happy here in NC.

    I’m sure you’ll decide the direction of your journey in due course.

    Please consider reading a great anothology of science fiction stories entitled, “The Time Traveler’s Almanac.” I read a review on the AV Club website that peaked my interest.

    • Happily Curious
      Happily Curious says:

      Thank you for supporting my blog. I’m glad your new path is bringing you happiness. NC is a special place, and it does help that you are near the beach.

      I love a good book so I will definitely check out your suggestion. I’m sure whatever new path is ahead, for me, will be interesting.


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